[Monster Strike] 悪意渦巻く欲望の闇市場 | Nubile Bex Lethal

[Monster Strike] 悪意渦巻く欲望の闇市場 | Nubile Bex Lethal

[Monster Strike] 悪意渦巻く欲望の闇市場 | Nubile Bex Lethal

Major Gimmicks
• Magic Circles
• Counter Mode (Boss Attack Down, Enemy Attack)
• Direct Hit Damage Up

Team Composition
• Anti Magic Circle is preferable; Bounce slings are favorable over Pierce for attacking the boss in most cases.
• Speed Down Walls can appear, but are preventable by defeating the mob responsible for producing them.

Procedure / Tips
• Area bosses will have a counterattack active after the first turn; the resulting attack from triggering it will deal a moderate amount of damage to your team.
– You can reduce the damage you take by first triggering an angel mob’s counterattack before attacking the boss; this will lower the damage of the boss’s counterattack considerably, as well as that of any of his followup attacks.
• The area boss takes significantly more damage from direct hits than Bump Combos; aim to target the tight spaces between it any nearby walls or mobs to maximize the number of attacks.
– The boss’s Weak Point also happens to be positioned around said spaces, making these shots all the more lucrative to pursue.

0:00 Prep
0:16 Battle 1
0:44 Battle 2
1:23 Battle 3
2:11 Boss 1
2:55 Boss 2
3:37 Boss 3
4:35 Results

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QWvbWAj
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/453854368087188/


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