[Monster Strike] 秘海に暗躍する組織の司令者 (トレノバ発見!) | Trenova EX

[Monster Strike] 秘海に暗躍する組織の司令者 (トレノバ発見!) | Trenova EX

• Warps (!)
• Magic Circles (!)
• Super Elemental Effectiveness Up (2x out / 0.33x in)
• Chase Beam Units
• Blocks
• Conveyor Belts
• Revivals
• Cross Skull Marks (Block Switch, Blackout)
• Barriers
• Enemy Guard on Hit
• Enemy HP Recovery

Team Composition
• You will want pierce slings with Anti Warp and Anti Magic Circle; Water element units are highly encouraged due to the boosted elemental damage multipliers.
– Nanami, Asuna, and Dojigiri are the main gacha units used here; as Speed is an important factor, Nanami is a cut above the rest thanks to her Super Speed bias.
– Players have been known to include Noah or Noah & Pandora on their teams due to their Speed Up bump support; it’s a viable strategy, though you risk the chance of losing firepower on some turns due to being turned into chicks.
– Two farmable units are usable in this quest; out of these two, Sengoku Hidehisa is far better, as the other unit suffers from both low Speed and Power bias.

Procedure / Tips
• This quest revolves around using Chase Beam Units to attack enemies; make use of both these Units and conveyor belts to quickly bring them down. Conveyor belts are used to “fix” the direction in which the Beam Units fire, allowing you to deliver massive damage against specific targets, especially Trenova.
• Avoid attacking the shieldbearer mobs in the pre-boss battles; they will protect themselves if attacked directly, effectively nullifying all damage until the turn ends or a different object is struck.
• Barriers in this quest are very durable, in addition to slowing down anyone who hits them; use Chase Beam Units to break them effectively without wasting turns.
– It’s hard to notice, but in Boss Battle #2, the edge of Trenova’s barrier is positioned on top of the upper Chase Beam Unit; make use of both the Unit and the upper conveyor belt to score a quick break.

0:00 Prep
0:15 Battle 1
0:53 Battle 2
1:40 Battle 3
2:23 Boss 1
3:51 Boss 2
5:25 Boss 3
7:22 Results

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